New Lexus Launch Party News

You may have heard some Internet or media buzz about the new Lexus, but the biggest news right now involving Lexus vehicles seems to be a combination of the big vehicle launch and the toy drive. Keyes Lexus is one of those dealerships that is heavily invested in the success of the local community where they do business. Events like toy drives are an excellent way to get the public interested in helping out in an easy way. To further incite interest in the toy drive this year, the dealership has elected to give all visitors the opportunity to have test drives of the two hottest Lexus models on the car lot today. The brand new Lexus RC and the new Lexus NX are both spectacular vehicles well deserving of a big launch party, and the new 2015 models are now getting exactly that.

In addition to showcasing the vehicles themselves, Keyes Lexus, which you can find on the Internet at, the dealership is giving away raffle prizes. For each person who brings a new toy, the dealership will give that person an entry into the raffle. Unwrapped toys are preferred so the toys can be sent to the age appropriate recipients.


The biggest prize in the drawing is the Visa Gift Card. The gift card is valued at $2000 and will be good at any retailer where Visa is accepted. People who come to the dealership for the big event will also be able to sample delicious burgers from the Habit Burger Grill and can elect to have a test drive of any of the available Lexus models at that time as well. Currently, the most popular models for test drives are the 2015 Lexus RC and NX. Also gaining rapidly in popularity is the new F Sport Lexus model. A test drive won’t enter you into any type of obligation, but the staff at the Lexus dealership is prepared to work with you if you do decide you might be interested in the new Lexus models following your test drive.

You can learn more about the 2015 Lexus RC and NX Launch Party at sites such as 2015 Lexus RC 350 Lease. You may want to call ahead to let the dealership know that you are interested in a free test drive so they can be sure to have the vehicle you are interested in available for you when you come for the launch party!